Its all lies, I know, I know, but the rumor is that Skip bought fire insurance from Jade and the trailer park burned down and now everybody lives out Oceanside way in a condo in Bermuda Shorts.

Nobody liked the trailer park, it burned down, now, everybody lives in Bermuda Shorts. The guys,... well, they just like the shops in Oceanside and work is convenient. Or will be, if Ghost Network can take off. And if Slim can keep up his gig, and sell some tickets here at the Bottom.

Our Thanks to all those cool real estate people over at TV Tropes - Settings for all the cool real estate ideas.

The thing about Airport Road over between Muddy Bottom and Oceanside is if you take the airport road it takes you to the airport, but, if you take the Round Road its only about two klicks to anywhere you want to go through there. It's a funny thing about Muddy Bottom. The Bermuda Triangle people are talking to the Muddy Bottom people about some new triangle theories and the Round Road areas and the legal boundarys near Bermuda Shorts.

Slim Live At Muddy Bottom!

There was great sorrow in the comedy community tonite at the first live performance of Slim since he got a coat and some pants. It was in the new brick auditorium at Muddy Bottom that poor joker Slim Steinfeld failed to entertain almost half-a-dozen of his biggest fans because he simply didn't have any jokes or cool lines. "We had a suit fitting and didn't have a chance to put together an act," the otherwise a comedian lamented. "It was very sad for all of us, but they din't write me any lines." the entertainer pathetically repeated. It was assumed all four ticket holders would get a refund.

It was later reported that BlabIt All Magazine had access from a phone in the crowd with a bit about three guys walking into a bar but there was no mention of the outcome. It was also rumored that the tactic was a gimmick and that Slim had earlier admitted his act was always going to be about nothing all along.
*Editors Note: Generally newsworthy items about Slim are covered on the Alpha Channel Network.

Horrible proportions, even for a cartoon, I know. At least partially from being copy pasted and switching file types and re-sizing on the fly too much. Also, new to the entertainment field, Slim is just gonna go out there and see what happens, how difficult could it be? He doesn't have any talent, and he doesn't have an act yet, but he is just gonna hope for the best. I don't have a clue about what to make of this mess except instead of making a web site and putting it up, I'm just gonna put it up, and hope it becomes a web site. As you see, I'm bringing a crapload of limitations to this experiment.

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